Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A rash, irresponsible crime

Let me get this straight. Vandals have defaced NYC property with anti-Bush messages. These people are selling postcards of the vandalized property, and donating a portion of the proceeds to the Democratic Party and other lefty causes. Does no one see anything improper in this chain of events? Does this not explicitly encourage further anti-Bush vandalism in indirect aid of the DNC? Is it even clear that the postcard sellers themselves haven't committed this vandalism to hawk their wares? New York municipal funds are surely being spent to clean up the messes here; can buyers live with the fact that they're vicariously encouraging stretching municipal resources - money and man-hours that might otherwise be spent on a wholly nonpartisan park or community garden - for juvenile amusement? More than anything, a large part of the angry left really needs to grow the hell up, and think about the consequences that their actions can have. (Via BoingBoing.)


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