Tuesday, September 07, 2004

No one mourns the wicked

Not surprisingly, the despicable asshole whose letter gleefully hoping for American casualties in Iraq is quoted at Instapundit today seems to be just as reprehensible a person on other counts as well. With the alias "The Truth Teller", he calls the Abu Ghraib debacle "Atrocities Committed under the Leadership of U.S. President George Bush." And then there's this: "During the 2000 campaign, the mainstream media ignored Bush’s record on gay rights in Texas. And despite Bush’s drive for the FMA, the media will certainly ignore his record again this year." That'd be news to me, if the media were to give George Bush a break on anything. If he were to walk on water, as the joke goes, the next day's headlines would ridicule his inability to swim. By the way, might that "par-tay" to celebrate the deaths of American servicemembers be held at the address listed here? Would one call to RSVP at the selfsame listing's phone number? I would never advocate visiting violence or property damage upon those who merely hold beliefs different from mine, no matter how disgusting they may be. Everyone's got the right to be a foul little twerp. But the above is publicly available information, easily found, and the location seemingly corroborated by the locale noted in his letters to the editor. It takes a great deal of either stupidity or arrogance to make such provocative and obnoxious statements in light of that fact. I hope any of his neighbours with family in the military are as forgiving as I.


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