Sunday, September 19, 2004

If you think that what you've done is right, well then, you're a fool; think again

Brian on useful idiots seen in a trailer for the Fahrenheit 9/11-refuting Celsius 41.11: Ah, the old free-health-care-and-literacy argument in favor of socialist dictators everywhere. People love 'em because the socialist part is so attractive that it makes them forget all about the dictator part. The promise of free admittance into hospitals and universities excuses all else. Isn't it amazing how cheaply some people are willing to sell their humanity? Not really. But I think the key to that lies not in their lacking understanding of the brutal day-to-day existence of those living under socialist dictatorship; it's a delusion that they wouldn't be among the oppressed. In the same way that those who believe in reincarnation seem never to imagine past lives where they were anything but great kings or conquerors, or that everyone would like to think they'd have a useful skill to contribute to a post-apocalyptic society, I suspect these fools assume that in the socialist paradise they long for, they'd be in charge, or at least not on the bottom rung of society. Loyalty to the party ideal and shared hatred for the regime's enemies should count for something, right? Nothing bad will happen to those with the best of intentions and the "correct" ideas, surely? But on the other hand, the fact that Park Avenue hippies don't pack up and move to Cuba (or pre-war Iraq, or North Korea, or Burma, or any of a number of other socialist hellholes) is also telling. They know that here is much better than there, if perhaps not on a conscious level; the uncomfortable suspicion that they, with their Fair Trade coffee and eco-friendly hemp sandals and naturally-dyed hand-woven sarapes (crafted by the honest, simple, hard-working indigenous peoples of...wherever), would be reduced to the same level of oppression as the meanest peon overwhelms feeling the need to actually do anything to escape the supposed iniquities of the American system. So, not only are they frighteningly amoralistic, but they're also hypocritically amoralistic. That's a neat trick to pull off, but it doesn't exactly help their credibility.


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