Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Feel like you're treading water, but the riptide's getting stronger

I think the best evidence that there's no Republican conspiracy behind the forged CBS memos is that everyone involved seems to be doing their damnedest to look like pompous idiots, not the embarassed hoodwinked. Any competent conspirator of Karl Rove's genius would have had events transpire far more believably; this way would seem sloppy, if there was conscious effort going into the narrative. I say this because Bill Burkett, who CBS has named as their source, now plans to sue the network (Drudge duplicates what's behind the New York Sun's subscriber wall, for some reason) for defamation of character and libel. Honestly, is there a better way to keep this story in the news for another month? With CBS' non-apology, it had a potential to die off until after the election (coincidentally, we promise!), whereupon internal investigations would reveal the extent of CBS' culpability. Now it might stay on page A2 or A3 of major papers as the DNC and angry left keep organizing their circular firing squad through the rest of the campaign, and no one - not Kerry's people, not CBS, not Burkett - is going to come out looking clean. Laying low would help Kerry's chances enormously by letting voters forget about any possible connections between a freelancing forger of a Bush-basher and the DNC. The reason why there's no conspiracy is simple: there's logically no need for one. Dan Rather and the Democratic Party are perfectly capable of looking like mudslinging fools without any outside assistance.


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