Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Can't sleep, clown will eat me

I got home late from work last night, so I wasn't able to watch either anticipated TV premiere live, but that's what homemade PVRs are for, right? Scrubs is back in fine form; I only noticed two very momentary lapses into overly-melodramatic melancholy introspection, and thankfully neither overstayed their welcome. Father of the Pride actually surprised me, being somewhat sharper than I expected. The timing might have been a bit off, and a few gags fell completely flat, but my expectations were so low that mere competence was enough, really. It was also nice to see Andy Richter working again; I still miss Andy Richter Controls the Universe, one of Fox's many victims in the 'ineffably brilliant and offbeat sitcom' genre. Sigfried and Roy are also much better as pompous, idiotic cartoons than in real life. I propose someone determine a way of retconning them to have always been fictional. What I now see as a problem is the animation - it's not right for the style of the show. This isn't Shrek-quality CG work from PDI, but it's certainly not bad...and that starts getting distracting. This show might actually work better done as exceptionally cheap cel animation, allowing the occasionally-clever writing a bit more attention.
On the other hand, a few more interestingly bizarre blipvert sight gags might help, too.


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