Thursday, September 09, 2004

But how on earth can someone even half as civilized and nice as you, be part of such a self-destructive point of view?

How bad does the media want Bush to lose? So badly they're willing to let their credibility go down in flames with the farce of incriminating forged documents. Congratulations, CBS; now go back to scare stories about crooked nursing homes. How dare you call yourselves unbiased? Or decent human beings, even? If there was ever a sign that the media establishment as we now know it needed to be humbled, this is it. Now, the question is: What will their response be? If, next week, 60 Minutes performed a major act of contrition - acknowledging their bias, accepting that the desperate hatred CBS' so-called news operation has for George Bush led them to get incredibly sloppy, and promising to actually become real journalists again - I think I'd have a great deal of respect for that. But it seems unlikely. Being honest isn't as important to these hacks as being "right." Geez, I go out grocery shopping for a few hours, and look what I miss...


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