Saturday, August 07, 2004

With rules to be applied

If I'm understanding this jackass' argument correctly, it's supposed to be okay to make fake beheading videos and disseminate them, because it "makes you think," or something. Beyond the fact of how insultingly self-absorbed it is to hijack a very real and very scary meme for the sake of self-promotion - Fox News' version mentions that he apparently did it as a means of campaign advertising, in running for San Francisco municipal office - Vanderford seems to have no real concept of what the melodrama he aped for the sake of a hoax actually means. If he actually understands that people are being randomly murdered by Islamofascists in Iraq, that this isn't just a cute political metaphor, there's no indication thereof in his responses to the media. Additionally, it's not the focus of any source's reporting, but I think he's also trying to imply that the other beheading videos are faked too. (While at the same time urging immediate pullout and exchange of prisoners, or more westerners will be kidnapped and beheaded. Guh?) Certainly, Vanderford is dismissable as an incoherent idiot; a sad, loud little loser who thinks he's clever and avant-garde. But he has raised a point I'm fairly sure he didn't mean to: How far will the domestic left go to sabotage American diplomatic and military policy? Hoaxing the media is only the beginning.


Blogger Michael McDonald said...

I watched an interview with the man on the News. I remarked to my family, "Later, when he puts his pants on, he's going to prison."

That he chose to do an interview without pants was somewhat confusing, but probably speaks well to his credibility.

8/09/2004 05:00:00 PM  

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