Saturday, August 28, 2004

Wait 'till you see tomorrow; tomorrow you won't be ignored

Manhattan's DA estimates 1,000 arrests of rowdy protesters per day during the RNC: "We've been building this up, and we want to hit the streets hard in protest," said Flores-Williams, a law student and protest organizer. "There's a seething hatred for this administration, and we want to express that." Sweet Zombie Jesus, go right ahead, and seethe your hatred-filled little hearts out. By all means, go nuts! Really! There's nothing that'll hurt the chances of the Democratic Party as a whole more than being associated with sophomoric crazies rioting in the streets. Obviously no official Republican spokesperson can say the same in public, but the negatives unleashed from these protesters could be worth another month of hits to Kerry's personal credibility. It's delightful.


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