Monday, August 16, 2004

Up jumped the sky pilot, gave the boys a look

I hesitated to link to or speculate on the accuracy of the latest development in the John Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia story - that the most vocal of his "band of brothers," those few pro-Kerry veterans, might not have served with him at all - mainly because I couldn't possibly believe the campaign could be so ineffably stupid. Tone-deaf and cynically calculating, maybe, but I couldn't imagine any political strategist trying to get away with actual fraud. As it turns out, the Kerry campaign is at least as clever as I gave them credit for. However, that was a distraction anyway; the main story itself - with all its inherent questions concerning Kerry's character, consistency and honesty - has been picked up by more and more major outlets, if only in columns. That he isn't fighting back would seem to be a bad sign for Kerry supporters; every day, the implications gain more traction. I very much doubt, as ever I have, that this could be what brings him down. But it's certainly helping to plant that seed of doubt. (Via Brian.)


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