Wednesday, August 18, 2004

This is what the British population calls an elementary education

As an unexpected second boost to my day, the assignment of professors for fall term courses is now finalized, making informed last-minute timetable shuffling possible., while very occasionally misrepresentative (due to the odd bitter comment from failing students), is on the whole greatly informative on the demeanour and teaching style of instructors. There's a part of me that abhors such subjective, anonymous bitching - but another part of me knows far too well how an uninspiring, vague, or just plain offensive teacher can ruin the most fascinating material. I'm very much looking forward to the prof for The History of Britain, 1800-Present - and more than a bit worried about who I seem to have drawn for Children's Lit. Ah, well; that's why it's handy to know these things two weeks before classes actually start.


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