Monday, August 09, 2004

They trampled on what was divine

One has to wonder what the thought processes of the Kerry supporter hacking Barnes & Noble's cover photo of Unfit to Command were. Was it momentarily funny for the perpetrator? I have no doubt. Did it affect anything substantial? an outside stretch of the imagination, perhaps the mismatch of cover and jacket copy confused one or two potential buyers into passing it up. Perhaps. But if nothing else, it's given the story even more media attention; it's made Drudge's front page, again. I suspect this latest addition will also make the entire story too good for most newspapers to avoid, at the very least, sticking it in the back pages of section A. Plus, it's such a strange twist, it'll likely also turn up in the "Oddly Enough" category of local radio and TV news - places a campaign-related relative non-event might otherwise be excluded. To pull a prank that calls attention to issues the candidate would desperately love to bury is a fairly lame and self-defeating Profound Political Statement. (Wait a day or two for coverage to increase and the stupidity of the thing to be made plainly evident, and I guarantee at least one lefty blogger will start making specious allegations that it was all a Republican setup.) Moreover, it returns to the same theme I think Democrats generally and the hate-filled left specifically are going to be, albeit unconsciously, pushing this year: We cannot be trusted. We are immature, ignorant and disrespectful of others' property, as well as the right of others to exercise their own opinions and freedom of speech. Only the free speech we deem correct is allowed. You will be punished for straying from goodthink. That's not a winning message, guys. That's the message of teenage whiners: angsty Goths and pampered suburban "revolutionaries" who wear Che T-shirts and spiked collars, listen to Rammstein and Anti-Flag, spell their nation's name AmeriKKKa and think Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky are just freakin' brilliant, yo. Is that where the Democratic Party wants to be going? If not, I hope some of the adults step in soon. (Via Instapundit et al.)