Saturday, August 21, 2004

These are crimes for which the world shows little pity

That's a pretty risky strategy the Kerry campaign is undertaking. They surely know (or must at least have worried suspicions) that the Swift Vets have nothing to do with the White House, Bush campaign, or Karl Rove - it's genuinely a group of people that despise and are disgusted by John Kerry without needing to be paid off by some sinister Republican financiers. They're relying on the accusation of collaboration itself as the whole of their argument, and it looks like the media is willing to go along with it. If the FEC finds in a month or two that there's nothing improper going on, will it make the front pages? Of course not. Corrections never do. But on the other hand, the possibility exists for this to be substantially repudiated by the accused parties before the election - and that has the potential to make Kerry look like even more of a whiner, making wild accusations to deflect legitimate questions. Hey, I thought you wanted to talk about your service in Vietnam, senator? Hmmm? "Bring it on," or something like that? Hee.


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