Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tell me more, tell me more

Ouch. According to Drudge, Kerry personally tried on Sunday to - well, not quite apologize, anyway - but ask the Swift Vets exactly why they oppose him. Consider the implications of this. The trumped-up injuries for medals, the lies about Cambodia, the sweeping accusations of war crimes, the subsequent attempts to smear them as Republican-backed liars - any one of those is a fine reason in itself to dislike and resent John Kerry. Does he really not understand this? Has he been so sheltered by his aides and advisors that he didn't know? If this transcript from Drudge's unnamed sources is anything near accurate, he's also attempting to claim that the war-crimes accusations were conveniently meant about everyone else, not the particular veterans that are most loudly opposing him now. What a stroke of luck, huh? I wonder, now, how he'll spin this talking to Jon Stewart tonight. He could claim a willingness to negotiate and compromise, an attempt to make peace with the Swift Vets...and Stewart will no doubt go along with the theory, conveniently ignoring the fact that Kerry is now apparently pleading for the negotiation of several objective facts.


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