Sunday, August 08, 2004

The orders they propose above

It's my understanding that the Vice-President isn't actually in the military chain of command at all. The President, as Commander-in-Chief, is superior to the SecDef, who is superior to other civilian bureaucrats, and then further down the chain it's all within the military branches themselves. Given that, why on Earth would the defense for the Abu Ghraib miscreants want to call Dick Cheney as a witness? He's not in the chain of command. He doesn't give orders. The defense strategy that's been leaked so far seems to be attempting to implicate the defendants' superiors, in giving orders to do what they did. If they're calling Cheney to the stand, however, I suspect that the greater focus will be on tenuous, almost Mooresque connections between he, Halliburton, other private contractors, and that kind of conspiracy theory. If the crux of the defense argument is something to the effect that Cheney was sending them secret coded implied orders to abuse prisoners (despite having no legal authority to do so), the trial will be over even faster than I'd thought.


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