Monday, August 30, 2004


Rudy Giuliani is striking a much more - dare I say it - New York kind of a tone than Senator McCain. He's snarky, chipper, and jokey in parts, yet unquestionably direct and serious in his key points. He's the best possible attack dog of all - hitting every note dead-on, yet in a conversational and practical manner. This is the GOP with a cheerful face - the steadfast and serious adult with a grasp of history and highly developed sense of irony, who can nonetheless be passionate about the Right, the Just and the Good. I particularly love the comparisons to Churchill and Reagan. I think history will judge George W. Bush far more kindly than the present day, no matter what happens in November. Also regardless of this election, 2008 looks to be getting very, very interesting. I have never laughed and cried in such quick succession at any political speech before; Rudy Giuliani is a frickin' master of oratory. That was inspiring and powerful - and I think the media is going to have to work overtime to downplay the potential bounce from the one-two punch of McCain and he. I may have to accelerate my plans to emigrate, purely to volunteer for the Giuliani campaign.


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