Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Damned if I'll yield at the end of the chase

The latest episode in the epic tale of Abdurahman Khadr, Canadian Jihadi: "I know a lot of people that are living in the West and are living in Canada, and that live their everyday life now and are not under arrest or anything, that have been to [al-Qaeda training camp] Khalden," Mr. Khadr testified at a July 13 hearing in Montreal. Keep in mind: He's explaining this as justification. Why, it can't be wrong to jet over to a terrorist training camp, practice bombing the Great Satan, and then come back to Canada if the authorities aren't going to make any arrests, right? And, besides, a compliant media and political elite are more than willing to defend Khadr's right to express himself in the only way he knows how: funding and materially supporting the murder of Americans and Israelis. This country is doomed.


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