Monday, August 09, 2004

Celebrity Jeopardy

I'll admit it does get depressing hearing self-absorbed singer after self-absorbed actor after self-absorbed director mindlessly pontificate on politics. But on the other hand, it then becomes all the more encouraging to find an actor who isn't in fact a flaming moron - such as the excellent Adam Baldwin, formerly of Firefly and Angel. He seems to be surprisingly more on the ball than the fans he's addressing: The onus for the need for administrative change in the middle of this wartime (WWIV), is squarely on those who would advance the theory that administrative change, at this time, would be beneficial to U.S. national security. At this juncture... I, for one, remain thoroughly unconvinced, and (by way of Kerry's hard-core liberal, anti-war, anti-anti-communist, anti-defense senatorial voting record) that to change administrations now would gravely harm our security and cause terrorists to think that they had been handed a victory. Kerry's self-described ideological penchant for Euro-Chiracist internationalism is most troubling indeed. After ignoring it completely in its initial run, I've been casually watching Firefly lately - a topic for another post, when I've seen enough to make the conclusions about it I'm inching towards - but this just made much more likely I'll see the feature film, Serenity, and on opening weekend if possible. (Despite auteur Joss Whedon's disqualification for the 2004 Definitely Not A Loon Awards.) (Via Inoperable Terrain, who gets all sorts of points for having a page design incorporating Old Glory, a Bush banner, the Israeli flag and a cockatiel.)


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