Sunday, August 29, 2004

Blind guides, blind fools

I wonder what it must be like to be as clueless as perpetual troll Robert McClelland. (Yes, I know I shouldn't feed the troll. But I can't resist; he's served up such a softball of easily-rebutted invective.) He cites myself as well as two other "right whingers" (his ever-so-clever term of derision, which tends to fall flat given that Canadian English typically pronounces the word "whine") as claiming "protests are bad." So sorry, Bob, you lose. I believe the rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech are sacrosanct. I do not mind any non-violent protest. I will of course ridicule protesters whose motives I believe to be foolish, ignorant, or just plain hateful - but I wouldn't begrudge anyone the right to make a fool of themselves in public. Moreover, if you actually understand history, there's also just a bit of difference between the genuine tyranny of George III over the Thirteen Colonies, and any action or lack thereof of the Bush administration. The comparison is inapt at best, and senseless hyperbole at worst. I and many others would love to give protesters enough rope to hang themselves, letting them have the latitude to be at their worst precisely because it highlights the core of the extreme left: those useful idiots who violently claim to favour peace and hatefully claim to favour love. I want the public to see these barking moonbats, and be reminded: This is the face of Bush-hatred. I want them to see the rational adults inside Madison Square Garden, and be reminded: This is the face of the Bush administration. Then they can make up their own minds which they'd prefer to win this particular culture-clash.


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