Thursday, August 26, 2004

And have I fallen so far, and is the hour so late, that nothing remains but the cry of my hate

The AP searches far and wide, and lo, is amazingly able to find whiny anti-Bush protesters in NYC: NEW YORK - In case their discontent isn't already clear, protesters are spelling it out. "Stop Bush Now" signs and other anti-GOP messages are appearing throughout the city well before delegates arrive for the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday. [...] "We just hope that they'll look down and ask themselves, 'Why, why do they feel so strongly? Why is it that New York feels this way?'" said Genevieve Christy, who has painted more than 80 banners since thinking of the idea a few weeks ago. They don't seem to get it yet. This is a variation on "Why do they hate us," usually applied questioning the motives of terrorists. We do not care. Both radical Islam and the domestic left can think of dozens of reasons Why without America at large or Republicans lifting a finger. The problem isn't that either have actually wronged their self-proclaimed victims, but what they represent: immoral secular democracy on the one hand, a mature and competent foreign policy on the other. Neither pleader for empathy would ever be satisfied with any response but abject surrender. That the far left hates Republicans is not news. On the smaller scale, the thuggish tactics espoused by anti-RNC types continue to disappoint me. New York doesn't belong only to them, but to the whole country; exclusionary and bigoted rhetoric aimed at Republicans is just, well, petty. The actions of a rational loyal opposition would be to allow the convention to occur without protest. By all means, have the silly street theatre of public protest once it starts, if that's what turns you on - but stop pretending you and only you are the arbiters of what NYC means. Attempting to intimidate delegates into abdicating their rights to the freedoms of speech and assembly are shameful. "Hopefully," Isaacs said, "they'll get the impression that not all of America is with them." That will always be true. Only Stalinist dictatorships (like, oh, the former regime in Iraq) claim electoral support of 99.9% for the incumbent. Not being the political wing of a brutal police state, Republicans will have to settle for just enough support to win fairly. (Via BoingBoing.)


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