Tuesday, July 20, 2004

You never listened anyway, and that's the hell of it

National Review's Rich Lowry writes on the perpetual moving of goalposts which seem to excuse the Bush-bashers from ever having to admit being wrong. It's all gold, but the punchline is best of the entire piece's blackly humourous vein: If he loses in November, the voice of the American people has spoken a devastating verdict on his presidency. If he wins, he stole the election. There's no pleasing some people. But if those people can't be placated by reason and logic - things like pointing out that No, in fact, the United States is not suffering from a crippling depression or that the Patriot Act isn't in the slightest what you think it is - what'll happen next? Yes, I still think I'm going to be getting increasingly nervous as campaign season moves on.


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