Friday, July 23, 2004

You better pay attention, build your comprehension

Interesting. [...] the United States, although it continues to attract hundreds of thousands of immigrants yearly from all over the world and allows them to preserve their Old World cultures, does not assist them financially because its government has never formally proclaimed the country to be multicultural. Ethnic groups in the United States have preserved, and continue to preserve, their Old World cultures through their own efforts. The real difference, as in many other matters, is that the majority of Canadians look upon their government as an institution that exists to help them. In the United States the government is regarded by many, if not most, with suspicion as an institution that intrudes into the "rugged individualism" of the nation. Therein lies the real difference between us. M. Mark Stolarik, Ottawa, Professor of History, University of Ottawa I'd been frightened off doing so by horror stories about his nitpickiness, but combine the above with what seem at a glance to be the fiercely anti-communist tendencies of a Slovakian nationalist, and I think it all means I need to take at least one course from this man.


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