Wednesday, July 14, 2004

When Democrats Attack!

It's so nice to see petty squabbling on the other side for a change. I can't say as I ever approved of how activist Hillary Clinton was as First Lady - shades of Eva Peron, to my mind. But while I don't particularly like her, I can respect her as representative of the rapidly-weakening hawkish wing of the Democratic Party. (Though she'll always be second in my mind to Joe Lieberman.) A President Hillary Clinton might grate on my nerves, but I believe she'd be more competent and less appeasement-minded than Kerry, at the very least. (Plus, electing a butch woman would really piss off the Islamofascists.) If the Democrats lose this year, will there be a Night of the Long Knives for the increasingly lunatic fringe that managed to take over the party? I hope so; the Canadian example has shown what happens when voters fall into the rut of electing a "natural governing party." It's just not healthy.


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