Thursday, July 29, 2004

Only a fool, like fools before me; I always think with my heart

One of the stars of The West Wing thinks the show has become too conservative. ...Yeah. That's the ticket. Admittedly, there are people who think the New York Times is a conservative paper. When you're far enough out on the end of the spectrum, even the centre looks like the enemy, I guess. I wonder if it's ever occurred to Schiff that his show was out of step with the national mood, or that the vapid concerns of hyper-partisan Hollywood politicos are alien to much of their audience? Even worse, he's only gone off the deep end recently: Did you vote in 2000? I did. You know, I play a very smart and impassioned character on television, but I was fairly stupid and placid back then. It's great how some people can resist personal change no matter what happens. (Via TV Tattle.)


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