Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Nothing like the city

Now that's just...weird. Following a trackback in my referrer logs to a Technorati search for "Ottawa," I find this guy - whose bio has a strange confluence of the terms Ottawa and Carleton.* Plus Chapel Hill, which, though not particularly unique as a name, is a neighbourhood here as well. Bizarre. *Ottawa, Ontario was formerly in Carleton County. In 1968 it became the Regional Muncipality of Ottawa-Carleton. Since 2001 it's become just the expanded City of Ottawa, though the Ottawa-Carleton moniker remains in many institutional titles, such as school boards. The two are closely associated around here, which means the juxtaposition of another town and a college with the same names in two different states is no doubt far more interesting to me than it probably is to non-Ottawans. (Non-Ontarian Ottawans, I should say.)


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