Monday, July 19, 2004

Let us hope this lunacy's just a trend

Jeebus. How is it that your average medium-to-big-name entertainer has so much trouble understanding the concept of "Don't piss off the fans?" Especially those with fans more likely than not to lean conservative and Republican? Does Linda Ronstadt actually understand that half the country thinks differently than she, and probably a bit more than half - regardless of politics - just think Michael Moore is an ass? Really, I don't care what politics an actor or singer may have. But I don't particularly want to hear them if I haven't asked, and particularly wouldn't want to hear such vapid, airheaded ramblings after paying a substantial amount for a ticket. That said, there's some absolutely delectable schadenfreude in seeing another idiot celeb getting not only booed off stage, but banned from a venue. (Via LGF via Brian Tiemann.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note that, of course, Ronstadt is a country singer... which means her audience is not one that's likely to be any more receptive to fawnings over Michael Moore than the Dixie Chicks' fans were to hear them spout off. Elton John or Phish aren't going to cause any flash riots or mass walkouts with these kinds of stunts; but Ronstadt? Mellencamp? Don't these guys know any better? Hell, Larry the Cable Guy seems to have more common sense regarding how to read his audience.

7/19/2004 09:43:00 PM  

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