Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I poured some onions inside my trousers

In order to be credibly upset at JibJab.com's version of "This Land," wouldn't the publisher also have to have sued 20th Century Fox for "This Log is Your Log?" Just for consistency's sake in protecting their intellectual property, y'know? That particular episode of The Simpsons surely reached more people than a Flash animation, no matter how popular, ever could. Moreover, speaking about Guthrie's "unifying message" is a bit rich, considering he was a lifelong angry socialist, and even a genuine communist for a while. "This Land" doesn't have a unifying message, as written - or at least, not as originally written; it's a class warfare message. That subsequent versions were softened to become what's generally thought of as nonpartisan Americana is particularly telling. And that's not even to bring up the sheer Grinchiness of coming down hard on truly funny and bipartisan political satire. What is Ludlow Music thinking? There's no way to come out of this looking good. (Via Fark.)


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