Monday, July 26, 2004

History's Greatest Monster

I accidentally flipped to CNN instead of rerun Simpsons, and caught some convention coverage. Jimmy Carterage, actually. Some very random and unconsidered thoughts: - I know he's 81, and all, but when exactly did he become a shambling corpse? Really, this isn't partisan sniping (much); the poor guy looks genuinely terrible. - He condemns Bush for not trying to wade into the "Middle East Peace Process" swamp. Pfff. Mr. Final Solution himself? There's no point in trying to discourage terrorists from murder with kind words. Kudos to the current president for having more sense than this former one in realizing that. - "We cannot lead if our leaders mislead." Being a reasonably well-educated kind of guy, I would have expected a former president to be up on the latest news about the BUSH LIED!!!1 meme. But why bother, if there's political hay to be made? - And finally, on that note: I try to pay attention to political convention coverage when I can. I managed to watch just about all the CPAC coverage of the last federal PC and NDP leadership conventions here, and the difference is a bit unnerving. There, the crowds were excited, but not overly so. Here, they appear to be having a secular spiritual experience. Not even the NDP delegates were in the grip of the same kind of evangelical fervour that attendees of the DNC convention are displaying. I almost expected to hear interjections of "Hallelujah!" and "You tell 'em!" during the pauses in Carter's speech. But, then, I guess I'll have to see the RNC convention to properly compare. Democrats seem to be awfully demanding, ideologically speaking, at the moment; I guess if you don't buy the whole anybody-but-Bush argument, there's no real place for you in the discourse this year. There's been talk about keeping the Bush-bashing to a minimum, but if Carter's speech (and Gore's, from the sound of that article) is any indication, the speakers have merely decided to try circumspectly alluding to the Obvious and Profound Evil that is The Enemy of Everything Americans Hold Dear, rather than just saying "I hate George Bush." I fear a compliant media will let them get away with it.


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