Wednesday, July 28, 2004

For God's sake, John, sit down

Ted Kennedy is comparing Kerry to John Adams. Don't you dare, Senator. You will not disgrace one of my heroes by intimating similarities between the second president and John Kerry. The two both come from Massachusetts, but that's it. There's no substance to such a comparison, not in the slightest. John Adams was an acerbic and conservative Federalist, with a zeal for liberty and disdain for those lacking true conviction. Though related to the commonwealth's elites, he was for the most part a self-made man, not a multibillionaire by way of marriage. He was demonized by his enemies with flimsy arguments. He was a pious man with devotion to doing what was best for the nation - the rebuke to George III "I must avow to your Majesty that I have no attachment but to my own country" springs to mind - rather than seeking out worthless alliances. If anything, I'd say he's far more like George W. Bush. However, he did have some failings - ludicrous vanity (Congress snickered at his choice of wigs), a slightly unpleasant tendency towards elitism, and a yearning for a homegrown aristocracy. Heyyyy - maybe Kennedy has a point, after all...


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