Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Fighting vainly the old ennui

With the benefit of half an hour of hindsight, I feel I should probably clarify a few things about the previous post. First, continued unemployment has made me, not unexpectedly, more susceptible to melancholic stewing; what I think now is, without a doubt, heavily coloured by circumstance. Second, if I did have to make a choice on election day, I'd still vote for Bush; I know the dangers of three-party races all too well. It might not be with the same enthusiasm, I suppose; but just as I could never in good conscience vote Liberal, I doubt I'd be able to vote Democratic without feeling depressingly dirty. Third, this is still a loser of a message. George Bush is a war president. That's what his record is. By no means does he have to promise to invade another three countries by 2008 to keep that credibility - but, conversely, running as a peacetime candidate is a) untrue b) unconvincing and c) irresponsible. (Not to mention, as Andrew Sullivan does, incoherent.) I just hope it's not the message that stays in the stump speech all the way to the convention. So...Idunno. I'm just suffering from mid-campaign malaise on top of unemployment depression, I guess. Back tomorrow, maybe.


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