Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Can't you tell the universe revolves around me? Don't you know you suckers owe me everything?

You know, I only half-believed the "The more voters actually see of Kerry, the less they like him" idea pushed by Mark Steyn and others. I was hoping for it to be a possibility, certainly. But it seems actually to be true. Just to pick one (incredibly important) number out of the thicket, Bush leads Kerry on "trust[ed] more to handle terrorism" (general population) 55-37, ompared to 48-47 a month ago. He's now also leading Kerry on the same issue with "moderates," "independents" and women, after trailing substantially a month ago - though, admittedly, winning on the latter only within the margin of error. Better yet, Kerry is now deemed "consistent" by only 24% of those polled. I mean, ouch. The waffle campaign is doing wonders; keep it up, VRWC! Overall, this has to be devastating news for the Kerry campaign. Maybe they'll wise up, and realize that there has to be some sort of coherent platform on the most pressing issue of the day rather than "If the French and Germans like us again, it'll...um...get better! Yeah, that's the ticket!" if they want to be convincing enough to win. Maybe.


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