Monday, July 19, 2004

And this is my beloved

Fair enough. The 20 gig iPod is now $429 Canadian; I bought my 15 gig ("John Quincy iPod") a couple months ago for $389. That's certainly a reasonable price drop, while not so much so as to insult recent customers of 3G models. I can live without the ever-so-neat rocker dial, I suppose, but I certainly hope there'll be a firmware upgrade, if only for the newly-convenient shuffle toggle. Also interesting is that The Almighty Jobs' press release claims the new advertised 12-hour battery life isn't due to a larger battery, but better power conservation. Considering how much of the power consumption isn't dependent upon hardware components - I recall stories of battery life improvements, a few firmware releases ago - would a modest boost to 3Gs, as well, be too much to hope for?


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