Sunday, June 20, 2004

Wicked Little Town

What I see in this is Richard Mahoney telling Ottawa Centre to vote NDP. If there's one thing I will grant a kindly word for Ed Broadbent on, it's being an effective representative for his constituency before his party. A Liberal or Conservative victory in this riding would elect a backbencher either way; in Mahoney's case, a backbencher with some pull, but likely still a backbencher nonetheless. There'd be too many others to reward with cabinet posts before him, should Martin still pull off a win. Broadbent at least has the good-on-local-issues reputation going for him. Moreover, in the event of a Liberal minority government forming a coalition with the NDP, his experience would make him one of about three or four NDP MPs that could conceivably be offered cabinet posts. All Mahoney's got is a history of being a back-room boy and party wonk. Of course, I don't care; having already voted for the sure-to-lose candidate, I expect Ed Broadbent will take my riding, and he probably won't be too bad - as long as he doesn't get ahold of any real power. That, I'd fear.


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