Wednesday, June 30, 2004

We danced and sang, and the music played in the boomtown

If I wasn't terrified of the wildlife one tends to find in abandoned buildings, this is the sort of thing I'd love to do. Ohio has a long and varied history. Within the 88 counties of the state you'll find some of the densest woods in the country, plenty of industrial wreckage (hey, just look at Cleveland), lots of abandoned houses, and about a million cool, deserted, rarely visited places. Even ghost towns--the boom-and-bust mining industry in Ohio has given it a past on a par with the Rocky Mountain states. Here I give some of these places a showing-off. Choose below for a section of the page; explore abanonded places (featuring buildings and other landmarks), ghost towns, creepy cemeteries, or Ohio's haunted history. There's something supremely fascinating about the compressed density of history to be found in a continent with so much empty space, and just how much can be forgotten about the details in ten or twenty or fifty years.


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