Sunday, June 27, 2004

Too Much Exposition

The first trailer for The Phantom of the Opera is looking fantastic. There ought to be more movie musicals. If nothing else, the success of Moulin Rouge and Chicago has proved that they'll sell tickets; it's just a matter of enticing the not-naturally-inclined-to-musical-theatre with the right combination of star power. Then hit 'em with the lyrics and orchestration, oh my, yes. I don't have the money or wherewithal to see every show I'd like to - or many at all, for that matter; the last one was The Producers, in Toronto - and every skilfully produced film version of a stage production is a gem to treasure. Now, since Phantom is nearly in the can, how about someone get cracking on those supposed remakes of Sunset Boulevard or Jesus Christ Superstar? Anyone? (Via Ain't It Cool, which has to my chagrin been undergoing an unfortunately slobbery teenage crush on Fahrenheit 9/11 lately. Stick to movies, guys, and leave the geopolitics to grownups, huh?)


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