Monday, June 21, 2004

There are some who call our methods vicious

From a NYT report on Gitmo inmates: Parkhudin, a 26-year-old Afghan farmer who was held at Guantánamo from February 2003 to March 2004, said in an interview in Khost that he had been questioned for up to 20 hours at a time under uncomfortable conditions at Guantánamo. He said he had been shackled with a small chain during questioning. ''They made me stand in front of an air-conditioner,'' he said. ''The wind was very cold.'' Forced to be in an air-conditioned room, in Cuba, in the warm Caribbean springtime? The poor baby. If only the average Cuban lived as well. Does the Times realize that most Americans aren't going to be shocked and appalled by such revelations? Do they, really? (Via James Taranto.)


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