Tuesday, June 29, 2004


The final numbers are out. They're interesting. Not good interesting, but "May you live in interesting times" interesting. Thoughts: 1. Between this and the last provincial election, I've lost all faith in Ontarians to vote in their own self-interest. I figured the Liberal scare tactics would work in the Maritimes and Quebec, but I expected better of Ontario. 2. The breakdown works out to Liberals + NDP = Conservatives + Bloc + Chuck Cadman, at 154 seats each. This is going to be an exceptionally fragile government, even for a minority situation. Any single backbencher will have the power to bring down the government on a non-confidence vote (assuming the opposition votes in unison against). If Jack Layton isn't sufficiently appeased, he could cause a collapse all by himself, without even ordering his caucus to follow suit. 3. If a Liberal-NDP coalition, formal or informal, collapses after a short length of time - and I expect it will - Her Excellency may allow the Tories to try and form a coalition government instead of calling another election immediately. It'd be exactly as numerically legitimate, if nothing else. So, all in all, I'm disgusted and disappointed. But it seems likely that further revelations of Liberal corruption, combined with the icky demands of the NDP, will allow for Tory gains in the next election. Hopefully by then it'll also be clear that Stephen Harper isn't The Devil Himself. It still kills me, though. The Liberals and Conservatives aren't that substantially different. Canada had the opportunity to throw out a corrupt and arrogant pack of liars, and chose instead to be frightened by obvious propaganda. It's sick. I think I need to accelerate my plans to get out of here...


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