Sunday, June 20, 2004

Once I built a railroad, made it run

David Orchard is being seriously interviewed on Global Sunday right now, as an "embittered ex-Tory," who abhors the current iteration of the Conservative Party as betrayers of Canadian values. He's being treated, somehow, as not a laughable loon. Why won't he just go away? This is the man who ran for the PC leadership last year on a nationalist socialist platform wholly indistinguishable from NDP policy. This is the man who, in 1991, was trying to unite the Liberals and NDP against the Mulroney Tories. This is the man who actually felt the need to end his speech at the leadership convention with the phrase "I'm not some wingnut." Unfortunately, he is, in the current political spectrum. He's only a Conservative in the old protectionist industry-nationalizing Yank-baiting mould, and little else. The media need to stop treating his as a credible modern Conservative viewpoint, big or small-C.


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