Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Liveblogging the Debate: One-on-Ones 4

Privately-delivered health care - the third rail. Layton vs. Martin: Layton is against improving the system at all if it involves private owernship. Of course he is. The self-destructiveness of the NDP never fails to amaze me. We must ensure that no one gets care not delivered by us! We will not allow heresies to be committed! Martin claims transparency and openness - huh. Same promise he made before, no? Layton's drawn blood - he's at least saying something intelligible, if not intelligent. Martin is just obfuscating wildly on home care and the number of doctors. Harper vs. Duceppe: Duceppe thinks the threat of privatized health care is due to "fiscal imbalance" between Ottawa and Quebec (?) - he just wants lump sum payments, yes? Harper is pointing out that random 'impartial' federal reports demanding money, money, money don't mean a lot. Duceppe vs. Layton: Layton says "We're not proposing to cut taxes. We're not proposing to reduce debt." Which is to say, an NDP government would raise taxes to whatever level necessary to increase health care funding by 25% (!) - I think that's what he's saying. Or maybe flatly funding 25% of all provincial health care costs? Not sure. Duceppe is on GST shifting around, again. Harper vs. Martin: "Waiting lists have doubled over the course of your government. Do you accept responsibility?" Snrrrf. Snicker. "The health care system better in some areas - and...not...better in other areas." Martin is drowning. Layton vs. Harper: Layton is lumping everything private together - conflating public-private-partnerships with evil evil exclusively private healthcare. That's hyperbole if anything. He's also just sabotaged his point about a study proving his point about private health care increasing the cost of delivery - one of the authors is running for the NDP in Hamilton. Yeah, that's a neutral and unbiased report, I'm sure. Harper only needs to be calm and reasonable, and he is. Martin vs. Duceppe: Duceppe approvingly talks about a doctor demanding "money with no conditions." As always, that's a bit rich coming from a separatist. Martin again says nothing of substance, interestingly.


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