Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Liveblogging the Debate: One-on-Ones 3

Provincial programs, supposedly. Lots on the unnerving federal child care proposal, I'm guessing. Harper vs. Layton: Harper offering more child tax credits - not a turn-on for me, admittedly. Why don't I get tax credits for not having kids to drain social services, education, health care, etc funds? Shades of "Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Teens, and Gays." Which is to say, I actually sort of agree with Jack Layton on this. I feel dirty. Martin vs. Duceppe: Derisive snicker. Martin is again trying to pretend he'll actually do the nationalized child care thing, again, after promising it the last two elections as well. Meh; I don't much care for it anyway. It's just creepy; Stalinist creepy, Youth League creepy, Hitlerjugend creepy. Not surprisingly, Duceppe agrees entirely, though he's bitching a bit about how Quebec's provincial version of the same needs more federal money, of course. Harper vs. Martin: Hah. Harper just tied Martin's last three points together to condemn them collectively as Liberal incompetence, overreach, and bribery. Ding! Martin's trying to conjure up "aging parents," presumably being thrown out of retirement homes to freeze to death on the streets under a Tory government? Idunno. Martin has a bizarre problem with rephrasing his opponents' words to say the exact opposite of what they actually said. Is there a term for that? Layton vs. Duceppe: Overtly for Big Government, and again sniping at Martin for not acknowleding the oh-so-obvious potential of the NDP to form a majority government. The dastard! Duceppe is onto something about jurisdictions and free money, or something; I don't quite get it. Harper vs. Duceppe: Harper says "Let's solve problems together with smaller government." Duceppe is suspicious of all anglos. Impasse. Harper is upbeat and conciliatory. Nice; he's looking more and more prime ministerial all the time. Martin vs. Layton: Hee. Points for using "manifesto" to describe the platform of Layton's former interest group, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Layton is inexplicably trying to promote his municipal experience over Martin's federal experience. Weird.


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