Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Liveblogging the Debate: One-on-Ones 2

This seems to be tangentially on defense spending. But the last one was theoretically on the sponsorship scandal, only, so that doesn't mean much. Harper vs. Duceppe: Harper: "I'm interested in a sovereign country - " Duceppe: "Me too!" Bada bing! He's also pointing out that Canadian opposition to Iraq was more or less meaningless, considering that Canada couldn't have offered anything more than moral support anyway. He's got something with protection of Canadian sovereignty - it should be played up. Layton vs. Martin: Martin's paying the price now for being too please-everyone centrist - Layton's attacking him on missile defense. I still don't understand why the NDP (and the Liberals, to some extent; he's still trying to claim he supports missile defense without "the weaponization of space") want to see China to be the first country to militarily control space - because that's the only alternative to American control I see. I worry about China just a bit more; why don't these two? Duceppe vs. Layton: Duceppe seems to be calling for an integrated North American security barrier, involving Mexico and Canada. Hmm. Layton is idiotically proud of having Maher Arar's wife as a candidate for Ottawa South. Jackass. He's also against increased security at the borders, because it'll hurt trade. Of course! Because terrorism doesn't hurt trade, not at all. Harper vs. Martin: Martin wants a defense policy of "institution building." Because, God knows, we have democratic customs and practices to be so proud of. Harper is calling up the ghost of the Sea King scandal - another one of Chretien's broken promises. Hah. Oh, double hah. He got caught at the end on trying to explain why Canadian officers in Iraq on exchange programs weren't really there, or something. Duceppe vs. Martin: Strengthening NORAD isn't about missile defense. Huh? Good point from Duceppe - the current foreign and defense policies are so schizo that Canada is completely impotent on both counts. Harper vs. Layton: Supporting what exchange officers are in Iraq - good. Push that. Also pointing out that the NDP is generically anti-American on all counts, so Layton's opinion doesn't really count. Layton's worried about becoming the 51st state. Bring it on, I say! I'll welcome the invasion force any day. But on the non-disgusted-with-Canada position, Harper remains far more cogent - it's important to cooperate on trade, instead of taking shots.


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