Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Liveblogging the Debate: One-on-Ones 1

Duceppe vs. Martin: Hah. Duceppe is calling Martin on the fact that his entire cabinet must have known about the sponsorship scandal. "You have no credibility at all." Martin's explaining. When you're explaining, you're losing. He's trying to point out that at least he didn't try to cover it up, which is a terrible, terrible defense. "Your honour, I did kill him, but at least I didn't hide the body." Layton vs. Harper: Interesting discussion on abolishing the Senate - which used to be a Western Conservative/Reform plank. But now Layton's moved to attack the big bad neanderthal neocon, instead of having constructive debate. I think Layton's lost this point, because Harper again just explicitly said a Tory government would not support anti-abortion or anti-gay legislation. Harper vs. Martin: Erg. Martin's jumping on him with repetitive "You're evil, admit it" statements. This'll get coverage. Duceppe vs. Layton: Neat. When Socialists Bicker! Layton can't make any promises substantially different than the Liberals, as long as he's committed to being a federalist national party. Duceppe wrote him off with dismissive hand gestures Martin vs. Layton: Hee hee. Layton is ripping him apart for suggesting that the Liberals and Conservatives are the only viable choices. Except that then they both started agreeing on "Wow, Harper's evil," but Layton redirected it back to attacking Martin. Fascinating. Also - why is an "Alliance takeover" of the Conservatives supposed to be scary? The Canadian Alliance was the western wing of the Progressive Conservatives after their mid-80s schism. They were always Conservatives. Now they're all Conservatives again, instead of being the PCs and the Alliance. Harper vs. Duceppe: Social services. Bah. Harper is being maneuvered into promising no cuts on French-language services - but he's neatly turned it around into a snide touché on the silliness of a separatist demanding federally-provided services in only French.


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