Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Liveblogging the Debate: Free-for-All: What Promises to Dump?

Martin is committing to keeping health care - and only publically funded health care - at all costs. It seems irresponsible. Layton has nothing substantial to say. Harper scores a point - "If you know the numbers," but that's been eliminated by Martin BSing his way through any contrapuntal facts. "Mr. Duceppe has not had a chance. Let's get him into this conversation." So, what does he say? The role of the state is to redistribute wealth - as much to Quebec as possible. What a surprise. Harper: "What we are not planning to do is grow the size of the government at a rate twice the size of the economy." Martin has a foolish answer - claiming the growth of the government is in health care and social security. Why? Why does increased funding have to go to more bureaucrats, instead of the people it's supposedly for? Martin: "We're not going to do a Mike Harris." Considering that an election held in Ontario today would elect a Tory government, according to recent polls, perhaps that wasn't a good spectre to invoke.


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