Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Liveblogging the Debate: Free-for-All: Minority Government and Health Care

Layton is still pushing the idea of an NDP government. What colour is the sky in his world, I wonder? He's far, far too cheerful, again. Did he take some uppers halfway through? Martin is being forced to run on his record, which isn't particularly impressive; he's pledging to work with "anybody" to achieve his goals. Harper is being realistic. I love you, Stephen Harper. He's picking apart Duceppe's position on health care. Duceppe, on the other hand, is snarky; it's not like he doesn't have a right to be. As he points out, he's the only one that knows for sure he'll be in the opposition. He doesn't care what the others think. Dissatisfaction - understandably, considering the impossible standards of Quebec on federal funding and involvement.


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