Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Liveblogging the Debate: Free-for-All: Notwithstanding Clause

Oy. This is going to be brutal. Harper is being eminently reasonable - pointing out, using child porn, that it may sometimes be necessary to use to promote authority of parliament over the courts. This is leadership, and acknowledging the involvement of the democratic process. Martin is still beating the dead horse of implying that Harper wants to outlaw abortion and homosexuality. Ass. He's also waffling on exactly what he said re: church marriages - and being attacked from both sides because of it. All three sides, actually. Martin is looking bored, sad and uncomfortable; he's stuck in the middle, with no way out. "We are a nation of minorities." Only because Liberal orthodoxy wants everyone to be part of some minority group that desperately needs Liberal support, duh? This is the result of the cult of multiculturalism - no cohesion. Layton to Martin: "Your friend Mr. Harper." Ouch. All the work of demolishing him is being done by Duceppe and Layton. Harper gets to be all angelic and above-the-fray; lovely. "What are you afraid of?" Jeebus. Even Layton is attacking him for hiding behind the Charter. As usual, Harper is the most reasonable, pointing out that it's necessary to balance rights vs. rights, rather than absolute undeniable rights for every minority.


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