Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Liveblogging the Debate: Closing Statements

Harper: Liberals can't be trusted. They want to play both ends against the middle, Liberal supporters vs. everyone else. Demand better than what you've been given. We're not scary. Layton: Elect enough NDP MPs to be the lynchpin of a coalition government...with the implication that there still could be an NDP majority government. Is he getting a secret message from his teeth? Duceppe: Liberals have dirty money. Tell Canada the truth, Mr. Martin! Martin: Values. We're Canadian. Everyone else isn't. Health care is the one and only issue all true Canadians should care about. Why is he bringing up Kyoto? It's dead if Russia doesn't ratify it, and that's looking increasingly unlikely. My conclusion: Harper is looking stronger than ever - more certain, self-assured, calm and confident than Paul Martin. Martin is looking stressed, and it showed in his arguments, repeatedly resorting to childish badgering - and not very lucid badgering at that. I'm still predicting a Tory majority. And now, to bed.


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