Monday, June 28, 2004

Is a thief and a traitor all you are made of in the end?

"Now, Brison's signs have 'Re-elect a good MP' on them...not all the Liberal signs across the country say that." CBC Freudian slips: priceless. Also, on Scott Brison: Screw You, Traitor. I have no patience for turncoats, especially opportunists like Brison, who crossed the floor only after losing the PC leadership. I liked him. I really did. I supported him for the leadership; he was soundly fiscally conservative, and realistic on foreign policy and defense; also, gay and not an obnoxious drama queen, unlike certain people I could name (*cough* Svend Robinson *cough*). But then he went and drank the "Scary SoCons" Kool-Aid to take a Liberal cabinet seat...and I can't respect that. Not in the slightest. Yes, the Conservatives have ugly homophobes like Cheryl Gallant - but she's marginalized. It's not like her brand of social conservatism was genuinely ascendant in the party. Turning traitor was a cowardly slap in the face to everyone who supported Brison as a conservative, big- or small-C. Update: The Monger has similar thoughts on Brison's brother traitor Keith Martin.


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