Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I know that the night must end

I'll watch anything animated once. But I suspect that it'll be no more than once for the increasingly awful-sounding Father of the Pride. The concept of the entire thing has been dead in the water since Roy was horribly mauled, but it still potentially could have been saved by decent writing. On a recent visit to DreamWorks, a reporter was shown laugh-provoking snippets of the show, which hopes to capture advertiser-favored 18-to-49-year-old viewers rather than youngsters. When Larry and Kate confront their teenage daughter after finding drugs -- catnip -- in her room, she claims innocence and snaps angrily: "Maybe it's Siegfried and Roy's. That would definitely explain the outfits." Oh well. We need a new primetime animation boom, like in the salad days of 1999; The Simpsons is all that's left on the networks since Doomsville bit the dust. And as wonderful as Cartoon Network is, it's not available in Canada. Teletoon is a poor substitute; Canadian content regulations force filling 60% of the daily schedule with utter garbage, and what decent shows they pick up from CN and elsewhere seem to be bought in tiny, tiny packages (only S1 of ATHF, and up until recently only S1-3 of Family Guy) and repeated endlessly in the 10-11 slot. I also suppose I've been spoiled, growing up during what in retrospect was an uncharacteristically creative, prolific and skillful period in the animation industry. There have been extended droughts before, and we seem to have entered another one now. True, I'm always eager to see network enthusiasm for animation. But not this badly.* *Why is it that all Dreamworks/PDI human characters have to have the same bizarre slightly squashed features? Siegfried and Roy look like Tulio and Miguel. Considering the ever-so-enduring popularity of those two as a profitable merchandising franchise, I don't think the similarity is going to be a help.


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