Sunday, June 13, 2004

Does Not Compute

Rick Mercer, possibly the most rabid centrist nationalist and snide anti-American ass in the CBC's employ, on the election: Ottawa Citizen: We're heading into the first leaders' debate. Typically, it is the first time many voters take notice of the campaign. What should voters be looking for? Mercer: Harper to look like the prime minister. Martin to look like the leader of the Opposition. Layton to look like the PC doctor from those TV ads. Say what? The man who spent most of the last campaign beating the dead-horse joke of "Stockwell Day should change his name to Doris Day?" Someone who, at every opportunity, has made cheap shots at the various recent incarnations of the Conservative Party? The jerk responsible for the abhorrent Talking to Americans? He's a Harper booster now? Maybe I'm misreading it - maybe this is sardonic spitballing that hasn't translated to print very well - but it certainly sounds that way. If it's true, it's yet more evidence for the sea change that appears imminent. How can the Liberals win when they've lost the support of the most prominent non-journalist CBC personality? (Note that Mercer does, at the end, manage to work in a worshipful story about Paul Martin's father, and Those Stupid Evil Americans. Perhaps he's not so much out of form with his support, as just irritated at being made to look bad by association with a corrupt government. Or maybe just buttering up the potential new bosses - it's not like he doesn't have a lot to lose from a Conservative government's potential cuts to CBC funding.)


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