Friday, June 11, 2004

Dice are rolling

It's only online behind a silly subscriber wall, unfortunately, but today's Citizen had a short interpretation of polling on the likely winner in my riding: The 68-year-old Mr. Broadbent appears to be breaking all the rules on party loyalty and ideology, and is drawing as much support from Liberals as Conservatives, the survey shows. Remarkably, more than a third of Mr. Broadbent's support comes from Liberal and Conservative voters, who, more than New Democrats, place greater importance on party and party leaders in an election. [...] "I don't think Mr. Broadbent is stoppable. He could go to Hawaii on vacation and it wouldn't affect the results." I can't understand this at all. Yes, he may be a stand-up kind of guy who has strong beliefs, but they're beliefs I consider foolish and naive. I'd never consider crossover voting unless I knew for a fact that the Conservative candidate was actively reprehensible in some way; just being an empty suit and potential backbencher - which he seems to be - doesn't suddenly cause me to have confidence in Ed Broadbent as someone who represents my beliefs. I fail to understand what kind of self-described Conservatives respect Broadbent so much that they'd vote for him, knowing he's likely to win anyway; the way I see it, voting for Mike Murphy and getting Ed Broadbent would be the best of both worlds in such a situation.


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