Sunday, May 30, 2004

You who fly the blimp of evil

As Instapundit suggests, the final graf of this article is by far the most important: Publicly furious with the occupation, the citizens are also privately blaming Sadr for bringing the fighting to the holiest Shiite city, and they say that they will be grateful when he and his ragtag bandit army leave. "Things were very good two months ago. It was a peaceful town. Then people from outside our city came in [and] the majority of the fighters came from outside of Najaf," said Ali Nasser, 25, while eating a lunch of stewed lamb and rice in the emptied bazaar. "When the Americans first came here, they played soccer and dominoes with us. They were just like our friends. We didn't even see a tank." Well, of course. That's the basic American attitude towards the rest of the world in a nutshell: "We would rather be your friend than your enemy. We want to sell you things. We don't want to rule you. But take a shot at us, and we'll crush you like nobody else can." That's the idealistic pragmatism I love.


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